I'm Krysta Curtis

I am a Product Designer with 16+ years of experience working within a diverse range of industries and company stages. I'm currently looking to join a new team that is building high-impact products. I'm open to roles in the San Francisco Bay Area or remote.


Sparkler & Facebook Tutorials Concepts
Bridging the information
gap for DIYers
Cureus: Peer Review Dashboard
Read Case Study
medical publication
medical publication to spread knowledge faster
Swivl: Recap
Inspiring student learning with new assessment tools
IDEO: Painting with Ideas
Developing an exercise for rapid idea generation
Plixl: Mosaic Medley
Launching independent games on a team of two


I have an eclectic background that includes 16+ years of experience in a diverse range of industries. I've dabbled in educational software, game design, toy invention, and medical science. I've worked with company sizes ranging from early-stage startups, mid and large-sized companies and I was the founder of a gaming studio.

Most recently, I was the sole product designer at the Cureus Journal of Medical Science. During the peak of the pandemic, I designed products that enabled doctors to share their critical research faster than ever before.

I received a BFA in Toy Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and an AAS in Electrical Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology. To further my education, I attended the Tradecraft UX Design bootcamp program and recently earned the Google UX Design Certificate.
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