Little People - Klip Klop Toys

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective on something tried and true to make a brand new success.  This idea was actually sparked by a wooden ramp walker toy that I had as a young girl.  The hedgehog toy shown here is similar to the ramp walker I had as a kid – it's just a straight ramp with a walking wooden character.  However, I remembered how the slow rocking motion and rhythmic clicking sound as the character made its way down the ramp was endlessly amusing.  

Since I hadn't seen anything like this in the recent market, and modern day girls LOVE ponies, I thought this concept might modernize really well.  Fisher-Price agreed - the new Klip Klops toys add an approachable playset with multiple extra activities and interactive sounds.  Watch the 30 second demonstration video below to get the full effect!


Final Outcome

Klip Klop toys was a huge hit during the 2013 holiday season.  The product comes in multiple price points including packages for girls and boys.