Educreations:  New Feature UX Design

Educreations is a web based and iPad app that enables people to create and share whiteboard lessons with ease.  As soon as I created my first Educreations lesson, I fell in love!  I see a huge potential for improving education both in-class and online with the app.  I wanted to dig a little deeper to see how a teacher might benefit from the app, and design a new feature to push the envelope even further.  Here's a look at my process:

Step 1:  Interview Teachers to Find Needs

Educreations has two types of users:

  • Those that want to teach
  • Those that want to learn  

Of course, some users will want to do both!  I decided to focus my efforts on "those that want to teach" since I felt I'd get the best insights from this group.  I created a persona to get an idea of who I might want to speak with.    

From my persona, I decided to contact teachers in my network with experience in K-12.  I interviewed three former teachers in-person and received a few of responses from an email questionnaire.  I jotted each of these insights on post-it notes.  An overwhelming pattern emerged - teachers felt students learned the best and stayed the most engaged when they were interacting with the content.  With this observation in mind, I synthesized my post-it notes into manageable groups to glean insights for ideation.


Step 2:  Ideation and Feature Direction

I formed my insights into a question to structure my ideation process:  "How might we enable students to interact with a lesson in Educreations?"  Next, I created a quick list of ideas, these are a few of my favorites:

  • Play a jeopardy style game with the content
  • Add interactivity templates where the teacher can fill in various content
  • Do text-based multiple choice quizzes
  • Drag and drop items into the correct bins
  • Add a text box for open ended questions
  • Allow the teacher to create buttons out of their drawings for visual quizzes

I decided to move forward with text-based multiple-choice quizzes since it is a commonly used tool in teaching and would work will with many types of content.  I chose the name, Aquizzities for the feature which is a blend of quiz and activity.  Activity makes the feature sound a little more inviting than the dreaded pop quiz!

Step 3:  Design Stories and Task Flows

With a solid direction in mind, I started to think about the actual tasks involved in the Aquizzities feature.  I created a list of design stories with each of the tasks that I wanted to enable teachers to do.  

With Educreations Aquizzities, Jennifer can...

  • add quizzes to her lessons
  • select how many questions are in the quiz
  • input quiz questions
  • input quiz answers
  • add quizzes at any time in the lesson
  • select how many answers are in the quiz

I also wanted to map out the quiz taking process as well, here are the design stories for taking a quiz.  With Educreations Aquizzities, a student can...

  • take quiz
  • answer quiz questions
  • skip quiz
  • replay lesson video
  • retake quiz

Next I created task flows for both the quiz design and quiz taking processes:


Step 4:  Interface Sketching

I wanted to explore multiple directions for each of the screens in the Aquizzities feature.  I started with very low fidelity sketches:


Then I chose a direction for each screen and tightened the sketches:

Step 5:  Wireframes

Next, I moved into digital wireframes to further refine my screen ideas and to ensure I was working in the iPad screen's aspect ratio.  

Step 6:  Prototype

After investigating the current prototyping tools available, I chose Flinto which enabled me to create a functioning prototype for my iPad.  View the video below for a complete walkthrough of the prototype on my iPad.

Oh, by the way, I am not affiliated with Educreations.